samedi 10 novembre 2007

Leçon d'Elaine: thème petits jeux à régle

1. Butterfly Relay.
Divide class into teams.
Place a hoop on the ground as a starting point for each team.
Paste a flower for each team on the opposite wall.
Explain that the goal is for each 'butterfly' to 'fly' to the flower, touch it and fly back to the team.
That person must touch the hand of the next 'butterfly' before he/she may leave the hoop.
The first team to have all their 'butterflies' touch the flower is the winner.

2. Colour Game.
All of the children stand at one end of the gym.
One child is chosen as the crocodile who stands in the centre of the room. The children chant, 'Crocodile,crocodile may I cross your golden river.'
The crodile replies, 'If you are wearing ...(names a colour)'.
Children wearing the chosen colour may walk across the floor and the crocodile may not touch any of them.
Once these children are safely across the others run across and the crocodile may tag as many of them as possible.
If tagged the children must join the crocodile in the center and help tag children.
The game begins again.
The winner is the last child not caught. An important rule: children may only touch not pull each other.

3.Catch the tail.
Each child tucks a 'tail' (colour band) into the back of their trousers/skirts. It must hang out enough to make a tail. On the command of 'Go!'
the children run around collecting as many tails as they can.
Once their 'tail' is removed they have to sit out.
The child who collects the most tails by the time the leader calls 'Stop!' is the winner.
Important rule: no one may hold onto their own tail with their hand.

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